Small changes for maximum effect

Giving up smoking, losing weight, cutting down on alcohol… Rather than focusing on ways to feel better, this is about compensating for something that we’ve given up whose absence makes us forget what our sacrifice was for, namely to feel better. So to help you gradually redress the balance instead of rushing at it headlong, here are seven good habits you should adopt. 

Give essential oils a try

Whether you simply follow the trend or you see essential oils as a genuine way to promote well-being, there’s something for everyone and that is what’s so good about them. These days, there are plenty of essential oils on offer and it won’t be hard to find what you’re looking for. 

Whether you use essential oils to treat minor ailments (winter colds, muscular pain, menstrual cramp, etc.) or simply to restore emotional balance (some oils are soothing or stimulating, others help you with low mood or lack of self-confidence, etc.), they can only do you good. The only prerequisite before taking the plunge is to check that you are not allergic to them!

Start meditating

Meditation is something people approach from many different angles (aligning your chakras, achieving inner balance, relaxing rather than smashing up your computer) but one thing is sure – more and more people are finding that it has a real calming effect. Meditation is excellent for reducing tensions, clearing your mind, taking a step back from certain situations and rediscovering self-confidence, and is something that everyone can benefit from. It costs nothing to give it a try, no more than ten minutes a day should be enough to see the benefits.  

How to get started? Type meditation into your search engine and it won’t take you long to find the solution that’s right for you.

Looking after your gut microbiota

Are you feeling bloated? Tired? Lacking sparkle? The answer to these problems lies in your microbiota, and specifically in the gut that hosts millions of bacteria that are essential for correct organism function. 

No need to research the issue in minute detail, a few minor daily adjustments will get your internal ecosystem up and running again. These include a balanced diet, a healthier lifestyle and consuming fermented foods. A yogurt and a few green beans to improve gut transit doesn’t require a major effort!

Drink water

Talking of effort, here is something that you can consume freely, with no effort at all – water. As a great thinker of our times said: “Water is life, and in thirty years’ time there will be none left”. Is Jean-Claude Van Damme right? We hope not, however one thing is sure: it is fundamental for all our metabolic processes (digestion, circulation, eliminating toxins, absorbing nutrients and the endocrine system, among others). Minimum daily consumption is 1.5L per day. Not tea or apple juice, just water. More than that is a bonus. 

You can combine the benefits of “feeling great about yourself and great about your planet» by choosing a reusable bottle instead of a plastic one and your action will be much appreciated.

Get your dose of daylight

It’s not just a myth, and Ghetto Millionaire is right that nothing is the same in the sun. It starts with the body which synthesizes serotonin, the happiness hormone, when exposed to light. In summer, it’s easy to get your daily quota. However, as the days get shorter and the rain is a constant companion, lack of exposure to daylight could affect your morale.

The solution is light therapy on rainy days and outdoor activities on sunny days because, even if it’s cold, the sun provides our dose of vitamin D and serotonin. It’s a win-win situation. 

Chase away negative thoughts

Think positive. It might be easier to say than to do but if you work at it (for example, through meditation, as mentioned earlier), it’s not impossible to get rid of negative thoughts that drag you down. Such thoughts are not insignificant because the more negative ideas take hold, the longer they last and the more intense they become (this is neurologically proven), and they are far from constructive. 

How can you lessen their impact? By removing any sources of frustration. Yep, you can see it coming. Goodbye to any social media networks that project an unattainable ideal. What if we concentrated on enjoying our own lives instead of envying others?

Building things step-by-step

As you are tossing and turning in bed, desperately trying to fall asleep, you’re telling yourself that everything needs to change. The decision is made – tomorrow you’re going to start exercising, change your diet, try meditation and buy your food in an organic store. 

Within four days, you’ll have thrown in the towel. Guaranteed. Take it one step at a time. Start off with some gentle exercise. You’ll see that gradually, after a few sessions, rather than wolfing down fast food full of saturated fat, you’ll find yourself wanting to cook a balanced meal to prolong the benefits of all the exercise you’re doing. 

There’s no need to turn your life upside down in one go. You need to take it progressively one step at a time.