Playing sports with your children means taking care of their health, channelling their energy but also showing them a good example and allowing them to develop new skills. We’ve put together a few activities to stay active at home as a family.
First things first, set a goal: a weekly activity time or a number of sport sessions. Then, to keep the whole family motivated, keep track of the activities you do by writing them on a victory chart. You can assign a colourful symbol to each member of the family and update the chart as you go. One activity completed, one point won !

If you want to go further, decide on a prize to be won at the end of the course according to everyone’s taste. The right to go to bed late on a weekend, a yes day, a ticket to an amusement park when conditions allow outdoor activities, a present they’ve been asking for for a long time, etc. Altogether, it’s a great opportunity to discuss the concepts of goal and effort.
Last but not least: review the safety instructions and, if necessary, remove dangerous or fragile objects from the activity area – this is no time to get injured.


Because it’s never too early to develop good habits, there are now many yoga sessions to do with your child. The benefits for you, you already know them, for your child, yoga makes him aware of his body, promotes his ability to focus and helps him to channel his emotions. Start with short, playful sessions. Play on the names of postures such as the frog, the pigeon, the cobra, to stimulate children’s imagination !

Training Circuit

The children will feel they are doing what the grown-ups do and they will not be let down.The idea is to choose easy exercises: jumping jacks, squats, knee push-ups, plank, butt heels, mountain climbers, supermans, crab walk, etc. Collect the exercises into a 20-minute circuit :

  • Pick 6 exercises.
  • Alternate 30 seconds of effort and 30 seconds of rest.
  • Take a 1 minute break at the end of the tour.
  • Repeat twice

Lacking inspiration? Here are some fun workouts for children here and even from POPSUGAR or Stephen Trussell.
Another option is to organize group challenges. Start by sitting in a circle:

  • The first participant starts by making a squat.
  • The second participant squats while the first one rests (and so on if there are several participants).
  • Once we’ve gone around, we do two squats each, then three, four, etc.
  • The first one to give up loses, the last one left wins. But the loser’s revenge is that the winner has a pledge, a 1 minute plank for example.

You can also draw a “sports snakes and ladders” with exercises to do in each square, you catch a dice and off you go! Paralyzed by laziness? Download the snakes and ladders game from Supertrainers.

Dynamic Games

The youngest ones are likely to get bored with squats and jumping jacks, for them the challenge is to make the activity fun. Some ideas:
Adventurers: ideal to warm up the joints gently, the aim of this game inspired by theatrical improvisation exercises is to set up a team of adventurers who, having arrived on another planet, discover the surroundings. Surprise! The floor is different from ours: wax, whipped cream, nutella, snail slime, the choice is yours. The idea is to imagine how we would walk on wax that sticks to our feet ? On slippery whipped cream? By putting more effort into it, of course! The legs go up high, the steps get longer, you make slits that look like nothing, the arms move to keep your balance, you twist your pelvis while pretending to slide on whipped cream and, in the end, the joints are warmed up! Feel free to exaggerate the movements to set an example.
Dancefloor HIIT: music is your best friend. Play a song and get everyone to set the dancefloor on fire with only one rule: when you stop the music they must turn into statues, no one moves ! You can alternate 30 seconds of effort with 20 seconds of pause and make them do HIIT while having fun.
Mime the song: choose four or five songs with lyrics that are easy to mime. It’s up to each one to give the best show for a few minutes.
Basketball: no, not the real version, we love our chandeliers. We put a bowl on the table and prepare paper balls. We move away from the table and send the paper ball into the bowl in turn. Each time we miss we do 5 jumping jacks (or squats or mountain climbers). To play with the level of difficulty adapt the height and size of the bowl and the throwing distance.

Jumping Rope

Perfect if you have one lying around the house. The children love it and again it is quite easy to set up skipping rope circuits :

  • 40 alternating foot jumps
  • 10 side jumps
  • 40 tight jumps
  • 10 high knee jumps
  • 1 minute break and we start again 3, 4 or 5 times.

Count the jumps out loud together and don’t hesitate to adapt the number of repetitions according to the level of each one.

Giant Clean-Up

It’s time to tackle spring cleaning…sporty version! We assign a task to each one, choose a keyword, start the tidying up and as soon as the keyword is shouted we stop to do 5 squats, jumping jacks or other exercise. Tidying up is a physical activity in itself and it becomes even more so with this sporty version.

The lucky outsiders

If you are lucky enough to have a yard or a garden it is time to play hopscotch again or to organize some funny races. Soap bubbles lying around? Blow a few and ask your children to run to burst them, then reverse the roles, in the end the one who has burst the most bubbles wins. You can also organize a treasure hunt against the clock with several prizes to be won if you’re fast enough to find them.
For more inspiration, check out the Vlad Super Dad chain (subtitles are available), which never runs out of active games to get the little ones moving.