It’s the perfect time to start a conditioning workout plan. If you need to adjust your sport routine for the time being, we’ve prepared a training program to do at home so you can keep on improving your strength and cardio.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate (two to three sport sessions per week) or advanced (more than three sport sessions per week), you’ve come to the right place.

Make sure you choose the level that fits you best, you are only competing against yourself and this is no time to get injured. This is the time to take your time, to take care of your technique and to appreciate the benefits of regular and focused training.

What changes between levels? The complexity of the exercises. But whether or not you’re comfortable with burpees, you’ll progress. What do we offer? To take you from 10 seconds of effort to 45 seconds of effort within 4 weeks. This is how :

Regardless of your level, do this circuit 3 times a week.
Regardless of your level, do 6 exercises per circuit.
Regardless of your level, on Week #1, alternate 20 seconds of effort per exercise with 15 seconds of rest.

Sounds easy ? We’ll see about that ..
According to your level, repeat this circuit from 3 times for the complete beginners to 9 times for experts (sounds easy still ?).

Instructions :


To make sure you are making the most out of this training, be consistent and focused, this is not a speed race, you need to achieve perfect form for each exercise and you’ll be surprised to see the difference between the beginning and the end of this journey. We don’t promise you a six pack or other unrealistic things. What we do promise is that you’ll be in great shape when you go back to your usual routine. This is a full-body circuit that activates all major muscle groups and combines cardio with strength training.

Training plan for this week :


Beginners :

Intermediates :

Advanced :


At the end of the fourth week (warm-up + 3 weekly programs), it’s time to do your test circuit with 45 seconds of effort and 15 seconds of rest. We bet you can do it !