It’s about the right time to start exercising at home, in your safe space, to keep active in those troubled times.

The good news is that now is the perfect time to be active. You might think otherwise if gyms around you are closed and you’re locked at home. But what about strengthening, HIIT circuits and other New Year resolutions you made in january (and maybe gave up) ? Those are so easy to try on at home. What’s not so easy is to get started, but it’s totally worth it. As an extra motivation, we’ve picked a few apps for you to start with.

Nike Training Club


Discover personalized training through video tutorials that you can watch anywhere at any time. To get motivated, there is even a badge rewarding system that goes high depending on the sessions you decided to watch.




FizzUp is a free online coaching platform with numerous sport sessions you can do without any equipment in 5 to 55 minutes. The service is totally free, without time engagement or time limitation.
Discover further advices and trainings on the fizzup blog




The app offers a personalized training program, adapted to your schedule and your physical abilities.




A very complete app, mainly focused on gym programs which also offers good home workouts. If you’re thinking about subscribing to a gym soon we’d definitely recommend you to download Fitplan. Start at home then take it out to the gym whenever possible.

In a word, gyms might be closed at the moment but you can choose to be active at home. Your body will thank you later !