Last week I went for a run for the first time in ages and five minutes into it I was already tempted to cry. Yet ten years ago I ran a marathon. Since then, I’ve been wandering around the gym, lifting weights from Monday to Friday so I was deluded into thinking that running again would be easy. It wasn’t. It was dead painful, I had to stop a few times, I almost gave up but most importantly, I almost thought I had failed.

In a recent interview, pilates coach Ingrid Marchais told us we shouldn’t compare ourselves to our former 16 years old self or someone else’s self. It’s painful for your body and your soul and it can make you give up on many things. It’s great to have a goal but setting yourself a daunting one and being desperate about accomplishing it too fast is giving up on the joy of the process, on the pride of staying strong when things get rough. It’s giving up on the satisfaction you get out of progress and it’s also the best way to abandon your goal because you’re disappointed or impatient.

We tend to celebrate victories by forgetting all about the efforts they cost. But if I could run a marathon right now, by magic, I’d be less proud of myself than I already am because the third time I went for a run I didn’t feel like crying and the fourth time I even ran an extra mile. I can’t run as fast or as far as I used to ten years ago but I can definitely run better than two weeks ago and that’s enough. What really matters is progress and the will to keep on going.

After a long lockdown we hope you’ll rediscover the joy of moving around freely but we also hope that you’ll set your own limits without thinking that what you’re doing is “not enough”. Wise is the man who could tell what “enough” truly is. For us, your own “enough” will do.

To miss the joy is to miss it all, said R.L. Stevenson and I’m trying to remember that every time my ambition makes me forget about the journey and get obsessed about the arrival. So grab your running shoes, jump on your bike, dive into the waves, lie down on a yoga mat or just go for a walk but whatever you do be proud of yourself.

Author : Raida Rus