July is around the corner and we all want to lie down under the summer sky but let’s not forget to stay active. Here’s a 20 minutes, no equipment, work-out to fit into your schedule in between garden parties and summer strolls :

20 minutes full body work-out
Looking for ways to cook more, better but also cheaper ? Here are some tips to save some money on your groceries and cook balanced, healthy meals :

How to save money on your groceries ? 

On a mission to make the nation healthier and happier, Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a GP with 20 years experience, talks in the podcast Feel Better Live More to leading health experts who offer easy life-hacks and advice to help you eat, sleep and move better :

Podcast : Feel Better Live More

If you’re feeling stressed, sad or anxious, this list of free resources, initially gathered during the lockdown, can help your wellbeing, with some offering free therapy :

Free online wellbeing resources to help your mental health


By : United Heroes Team
Illustration : Sandy Dauneau