Whether you’re a beginner or an expert when it comes to sports what matters is to stay active, score your best amount of United Heroes points, strengthen, stretch and wake up your body and your muscles.

Reminder : United Heroes points

To motivate you, each activity matters.

The number of points associated with an activity is rounded up.Your counter is reset on the first day of each month to let you follow your progress

And now what?

To help you find inspiration and reach your monthly points goal we’ve prepared a weekly training guide with three intensity levels. Pick the one that suits you best according to your capacities, needs and schedule. It’s better to be moderately active on a regular basis than overdo it once a month.

To earn bonus points and climb up the ranks, you’ve got plenty of challenges waiting for you this month. Walking, cycling, running, pilates, yoga, weight lifting, water sports, there’s something for all of us !

Level 1 : White Belt

Level 2 : Green Belt

Level 3 : Black Belt

Get Inspired

Par : United Heroes team
Illustration : Sandy Dauneau