Step 1: Cover yourself in sun cream. Step 2: sleep in the sun. Ok, that’s not bad, but what about including a 3rd step: doing sport and having fun at the same time. Although being at the beach is synonymous with lazing around, we also recommend that you stay active and enjoy a bit of sport with friends or family. As a result, you’ll feel good, you’ll get a nice tan, a toned body and quite simply enjoy a great holiday !

  1. Walking

Walking may not seem very exciting at first, but it is very pleasant to walk along the coast with your feet in the water. In fact, this is one activity that is fantastic for beating cellulite, among other things, especially when you walk in thigh-deep water. Your body’s resistance to currents and waves exerts a certain pressure, similar to the effects of a detoxifying massage.

Not to mention the indirect strengthening sensation you will feel around your abs. Training your abs while walking? Yes, you heard us right ! And of course, contact with cold water is an excellent way to stimulate blood circulation and reduce the appearance of varicose veins. Walking in the ocean (or the sea) is best done in small groups of two or three people at a time. It’s a chance to get closer, to find out more about one another and to build relationships through long chats. Don’t forget to put sun cream on though, you might feel cool, but the sun is still there !

2. Paddleboarding

This is a great activity for toning the entire body. It is a full body workout: biceps, triceps, obliques, quadriceps, buttocks… All your muscles, even the smallest, are working flat out to keep you stable. In doing so, they consume a lot of energy – the number of calories burned is estimated at 500 Kcal per hour, the equivalent of a meal ! Moreover, it is a very low impact exercise. It is unlikely that you’ll damage your joints. It is particularly recommended for runners, who are unfortunately often prone to pain in the joints and tendons.

3. Beach volley

This beach classic is perfect for groups of friends. It’s a fun and very physical activity. Your heart rate will slowly rise as your whole body starts moving and getting involved. For example, when moving to get the ball, the legs are bent, which strengthens the buttocks and thighs. Receiving and returning the ball tones the upper body and can even build muscle (depending on the frequency of play) by working on the core and building strength. Playing on the sand makes it harder, so your heart rate goes up and the calories fly away.

Beach volleyball is a perfect opportunity to meet new people, as teams are often short of a player or two. Sport is a great way to build relationships, and it works faster than in everyday life, because team spirit is paramount.

4. Surfing

If you’ve never tried surfing before, this is your chance to try something new. Surfing is now accessible to all and there are courses on offer all along the coast. You can try it out as a couple, or with family or friends, and you’re bound to enjoy it! There are many benefits to surfing. First of all, it is a full-body sport involving both the upper and lower body as well as stamina and balance.

Secondly, spending time in seawater is great for your skin (algae and minerals) but also for your morale and well-being. The fact that you are in a setting that you cannot control can help you concentrate on the here and now. You don’t have to think about your personal worries for a few minutes. The further away the stress is, the better you’ll feel. And last of all, thirdly, you’re going to get a tan! And not just a light tan, so don’t forget to protect yourself with an environmentally-friendly sun cream.

5. Frisbee

Frisbee can be played with your family, friends, as a couple and even with your dog! The objective is simple: throw the disc by spinning it across to your teammate.

If you are really keen, frisbee can be played in teams of 5 or 7, when it’s known as “Ultimate Frisbee”. The aim is to get the frisbee into the opponent’s goal area. The player in possession of the frisbee has ten seconds to make a pass to one of their teammates. They cannot run with the disc and can only pivot on one foot. The game goes up to 17 points, which means that in terms of calorie expenditure, it’s not too bad. And it’s very beneficial for the body. It does a world of good to the body, and involves the chest, arms, shoulders, abs, and legs.

Why should you stay active ?

Don’t forget, the human body thrives on movement. Although for some people holidays are synonymous with napping in the sun, bear in mind that work-related pressures dissipate must faster through sport. Why? Because the endorphins that are released provide a feeling of ecstasy or lightness and morale is boosted.

Depending on the intensity and duration of the activity, these effects are more or less pronounced. In general, endurance sports are more endorphinogenic. Sport also produces an anxiolytic effect; negative emotions and sensations are put to sleep. These effects can last up to six hours after exercise.

In addition, if you take a long break, complete rest can have a negative effect on your joints, so you will need to be more careful when you get going again, especially when it comes to sport. To avoid pain or injury, there is a fine line between doing nothing and doing too much. The ideal is to have a little fun every day, whether it’s a swim, a game of badminton or any other activity that gets you moving !

By : Marie Laval
Illustration : Sandy Dauneau